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Finding Finance: Choosing a Financial Advisor

Finding Finance: Choosing a Financial Advisor

In this episode of Drunken Money we tackle the subject of financial advisors. We interview Cody Matthews, a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual, and find out:

  • How should a millennial choose a financial advisor?
  • When should a millennial get a financial advisor?
  • Why is a financial advisor better than doing it yourself?
  • How can a financial advisor help plan for the future?
  • Who does not need to get a financial advisor (the answer may surprise you)?

We also discover:

  • How to effortlessly transition to a new city where you only know one person.
  • Love at second date (very fun story).
  • The secret to building a great client relationship.
  • How to quit your job and take a chance on a new career (Cody was almost the next great Dick’s Sporting Goods salesman).
  • Advice for making the leap to owning your own business.

You can contact Cody at, or “like” his business Facebook page at
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