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Nail the Interview

Nail the Interview

In today’s world, millennials seem to always be on the lookout for the next job. In this episode, Paul and John, with special guest Phil Brun, discuss how a millennial can really nail the interview.  The guys discuss interviewing tips, their interview horror stories, and hilariously […]

Drunken Money reviews Catey Shaw’s “Run, Run, Run” – aka our new theme song

Catey Shaw brilliantly explains EVERYTHING that our brand is about in her song “Run, Run, Run.” It’s so good, it could practically be our theme song. Catey Shaw​, if you’re listening, we’d love to hear you on our show, and we love everything you do! […]

This video perfectly sums up millennials in the workplace

Simon Sinek provides amazing insight on Millennials in the workplace offering real life advice on how to navigate the work world in your 20s.