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How to Homebrew & More with John Ronayne

How to Homebrew & More with John Ronayne

John Ronayne (Brewgrass Homebrew Supply & Boy Meets Wort) teaches us “How to Homebrew & More”:

Have you ever wanted to homebrew beer but were too intimidated or didn’t know where to start? In this informal episode, we learn how to homebrew & more with John Ronayne of Brewgrass Homebrew Supply.

In this episode:

  • Drunken Money and Boy Meets Wort join forces for an epic combination episode at Brewgrass Homebrew Supply.
  • John Ronayne discusses the history of Oktoberfest beer (Stocktoberfest) and why it’s a perfect Fall beer.
  • We learn the different types of grains that go into a beer and how they impact the flavor.
  • John Ronayne teaches us how to homebrew beer easy by putting all the grains into a bag and boiling together.
  • John Ronayne goes step-by-step the process of homebrewing beer.
  • We finally learn (and taste!) “Wort” (see the video below and find more videos from the night on our Facebook).
  • How John has grown Brewgrass Homebrew Supply by focusing on the customer relationship.
  • It truly astonished us how easy it was to homebrew beer when you have the right tools, all of which can be purchased at Brewgrass Homebrew Supply.
  • How much you can save by brewing beer at home (it comes out to 50 cents per beer!).
  • How John can create a custom blend to come up with a beer you will love.
  • Other things you can homebrew easy – wine, kombucha, cider, and more (all available at Brewgrass Homebrew Supply).
  • The importance of diversifying your business while still having everything work together (complementary businesses).
  • If you want to start a business, be disciplined and don’t worry about instant gratification (be in it for the long haul).

Special shoutouts and show notes:

Contact John at, and make sure you stop by his shop at 2227 S. Preston Street, Louisville, KY 40217 or visit him at Also, make sure to check out Boy Meets Wort!

If you want to learn more about John Ronayne check out our previous episode with him.

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Us trying the Wort (it tastes like sweet tea):


During the brew:

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